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John Rogers

Lubrication Consultant
Central/Southwestern Ohio Region
All Southern Ohio

Cell/Phone:  937-244-4507
Toll Free Fax: 877-343-8905

Oil * Hydraulic Fluid * Greases * Fuel Improvers

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Hydrotex manufactures and distributes high performance lubricants and fuel improvers to growers nationwide.

Hydrotex leverages over 75 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high performance lubricants and fuel improvers to agriculture producers in the United States. Our goal is to reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel efficiency, offer products that are environmentally sensitive and provide our customers with a return on investment. Hydrotex lubricants are formulated using the latest technologies available in the lubrication industry. Hydrotex understands the challenges the agriculture industry faces when it comes to maintaining complex and expensive equipment. Efficiency is the watchword of precision agriculture. Hydrotex is the prefect partner for agriculture producers who have adopted precision agriculture as their management philosophy